How we earn money (from referring users to casinos)

Bridge between users and casinos

We earn from connecting/ referring website users to individual casinos. The services offered by the websites do not change much. The website negotiates with the casino operators prompting them to give promo offers and discounts. This site is the main business though it doesn’t sell anything. It is rather simple how the site makes money. The inclusion of a disclosure is not only made because of its legal nature but also, with the skeptical nature of cynics, it has to prove its transparency. It majorly promotes offers and discounts on individual games that use the affiliate link. This in turn earns the disclosure site money enough to keep it running.
Total transparency has seen the sites openly operate and interact with the users. Although the law requires that the website should have some page explaining that it makes its money through affiliate commissions, it sounds boring. That is why the sites remain transparent and open about the magic of affiliate commissions. Given a chance to choose between giving an unbiased, and honest review or earning money, the sites would go for honesty and lack of bias in its reviews. The majority if the sales on Beating Betting, for instance, comes through Oddsmonkey, and on average, the users earn 1000 pounds monthly through their site, as per their profit threads.

Inclusion of disclosure

Now, the cynic would argue that we only include disclosure because it is a legal requirement. This is not enough especially in this industry where many people are so much skeptical about risk-free money-making chances that they see online. The transparency and commitment that the website has give it the legroom to deliver on this page that is quite hidden from most of the visitors. If the site has to make reviews that are always positive on a given casino, users might want to get to the bottom and see why the reviews are only positive. They would always want to know whether the motivation behind the rating and reviews is based on some gain or a relationship. The disclosure warrants the users’ safety and anonymity or privacy since their information is not shared without their permission or knowledge, to any other websites. The disclosure informs the user that by clicking given links, the affiliate websites get commission. Therefore, they are not compelled to use the links but can make educated decisions and choices.