About Us

Why Best Bitcoin Casino started the project

The Best Bitcoin casino started its project with the intention of promoting iGaming using blockchain and crypto currency technology. Additionally, it asserts that using this current technology gives the players the ultimate experience of iGaming.

It does this through:

  • Promoting pro-crypto currency casinos
  • Creating room to learn about casinos
  • And providing updated reviews on casinos accepting crypto currency use

The website targeted presenting online gamers with the actual and up-to-date information on the best sites where they can safely and comfortably place their online bets with crypto currency.

Promoting pro-cryptocurrency casinos

The website has FortuneJack which is among the few reliable and licensed crypto only casinos currently in the industry.  The platform allows iGamers to select any of the nine (9) accepted crypto currencies. It also provides players with direct access to first-rate RNG games from leading providers, together with individual provably fair online games. The website promotes King Billy Casino as among those common online casinos that are crypto-friendly today. New players are given a chance to use crypto-technology as they spin their 200 free spins on the reels.

Room to learn about casinos

The website offers platform for players trying out new casinos as they seek updated reviews on casinos. Players can sufficiently learn from the website and get more knowhow on available casinos that accept crypto-currencies. The operators reviewed on BestBitcoin.com some games including; sports betting sites, casinos, dice game, or online poker networks and it recommends that the audience subscribe to them for a chance to enjoy blockchain and crypto.

Reviews on casinos

The website is important since its reviews provide sufficient information to casino players. It further informs them on all they need to get the best crypto currency experience. This can actualize through gaming on those online gaming casinos that support the use of this amazing blockchain technology.

Background of the Best Bitcoin Casino

The website brings the player closer to the movers and shakers of the iGaming industry through a series of information published on the site. The interviews that the website publishes deliver insights and expert opinions. They also showcase the willingness of the professionals and experts in delivering information on blockchain gaming and crypto. The website has a history of promoting learning iGaming within the confines of blockchain and crypto spaces.

In this 7th year anniversary that the website is celebrating its presence in the iGaming industry, it promotes its main mission as the provision of accurate information and education to probable (future) gamers.

The niceties of this amazing website

  • The site has press releases that have company news
  • Has more than 500 casino reviews on crypto and blockchain and weekly newly reviewed casinos.
  • More than 100 payment methods
  • Reviewed more than 200 games
  • Has latest online bonuses on casinos
  • Constantly growing own communities and social media
  • Possibility to obtain numerous bonuses and exclusive news

Amazing content of the site’s projects

  • Whyprefer crypto currency
  • Blockchain enables the creation of rare in-game assets
  • Privacy
  • Easy and fast transactions
  • Provable fairness 

Why prefer crypto currency

From the website’s content on the enhanced popularity if crypto and bitcoin use, it is now a norm for online casino spaces. Most casinos have noticed and appreciated the trend. The majority casinos’ payment options have BTC as an accepted currency because of:

1. Blockchain enables the creation of rare in-game assets

The websites emphasizes that games developed on blockchain must consider properly coding their contracts. However, blockchain provides players with the prevention of frauds in iGaming. Blockchain, crypto and iGaming are basically natural partners that anyone considering to build a viral game should not ignore.

2. Privacy

No third party has access to the player’s financial and personal information. Crypto currency improves privacy of the gamers in online casinos, thus promoting their anonymity (the players’ anonymity).

3. Easy and fast transactions

The website promotes the use of crypto technology and blockchain because a player only needs a payment wallet. They are not required to provide their details. Cashouts via bank transfer or check may take awhile but crypto operates in minutes. Any withdrawal is finalized within very few minutes thus enhancing its reliability. The player gets their money at that very moment.

Through crypto currency and blockchain, players shouldn’t worry about the privacy of their information, and must not wait for long to get their winnings. It solely needs a deposit of one’s choice and openly lets them game to their satisfaction.

4. Provable fairness 

The website has explained, in detail, the essence of provable fairness when gaming through crypto currency.  All gamers want fairness in their winnings and all other transactions. Blockchain and crypto currency give them this opportunity in entirety. Best Bitcoin casino website has offered room for every gamer to feel that their transactions and winnings are fair since there is no 3rd party interference.